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Custom Branded Sunglasses

Custom Branded Sunglasses
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Radiate Your Brand Message

Up the cool-factor (and the fun) of your brand when you bring custom branded sunglasses into your marketing mix.

A marketing classic, branded sunglasses bring fun energy that promotional campaigns can often be missing. They’re easy to hand out at outdoor events or to include in hype giveaways before product launches. We offer a variety of styles and prices that make it easy to find sunglasses that mesh with your brand. Choose between classic shapes or try something completely new, mix and match colors - or contact us and we can make a recommendation based on your needs.

All you have to do is choose the sunglasses you want and we’ll do the stressful stuff for you. You’ll be assigned a dedicated graphic designer who can use your current logo on your sunglasses, or they can create something completely new for your event. Ordering from SwagBranders is painless, just like all promotional branding should be.