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Custom Branded Chairs

Comfortable Branding Efforts

Take relaxing to the next level and choose a custom branded chair for your next marketing campaign. Branded chairs are ideal for brands that value comfort and usability - at the soccer field, a picnic, a campfire, or wherever else you need a moment to rest.

With tons of options to choose from, a branded chair offers your brand the flexibility of an easy-to-carry promotional item with the added benefit of long-term usage. We offer a variety of high-quality chairs, which means your giveaway item won’t be thrown in the trash after a couple uses. Whether you’re raising money for a school team or looking for a gift to give onboarding clients, choosing a custom chair will help your brand stand out from the competition. Gone are the days of boring promotional gifts, a comfortable chair will be used for years to come.

Find a chair that best fits your brand - whether that’s a relaxing recliner or a stately captain’s chair - and we’ll help you turn it into the perfect promotional piece. You have the easy job - just choose which chair best fits your budget and your goals (or give us a shout and we’ll help!), and we’ll do the rest. Our graphic design team will work with you to create the promotional chair of your dreams, with no headaches or scrambling to figure out a design. We can use your logo or collaborate on something completely custom for your event. We’ll be in touch often to get the design approved and out the door to production, and into the hands of your customers.