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Custom Branded myCharge Chargers

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Portable Branding Power

Let your brand be present for life’s most important moments. myCharge knows it’s important to stay connected to the people and things you love, and their products allow users to stay connected without worrying about finding the nearest outlet.

When you brand a portable power bank or charger from myCharge, you’re giving your brand the opportunity to save the day over and over again. No more fighting over outlets in airports or losing navigation on your first trip to NYC, myCharge chargers mean that you’ll be connected no matter what. Portable chargers are perfect for employees who are always on the move or customers who value their screen time.

It’s easy to order from SwagBranders - choose the myCharge products that fit your budget and your needs and we’ll do the rest. You’ll be assigned a knowledgeable graphic designer who can put your current logo on your products or you can collaborate to create something completely new. Ordering promotional products has never been easier.