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Custom Printed Case Logic Gear

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The Logical Branding Solution

Case Logic believes that it should be easy to bring your electronics and entertainment everywhere you go. Delivering on that belief, our carefully curated selection of Case Logic products are hand picked to provide function for your life without sacrificing style.

Built with a cord-free lifestyle in mind, Case Logic products allow wireless charging in a discreet manner, making them the perfect accessory for long meetings with customers or board members, allowing you to stay ‘plugged in’ without a distracting mess of cords.

When you order Case Logic products from SwagBranders, you’ll get a stress-free shopping experience like never before. No more scrambling to design the perfect item, you will be assigned a dedicated graphic designer (free of charge) who can use your existing logo for your products or they can work on creating something totally new and different for you. Once you’ve approved of the design, your products will be off to production and on their way to you.